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India Rediscovered

1st June 2008

You know you’re on to something when Indian employees start to choose the pleasures of an Indian incentive trip over... Read More

Gulf Streams

1st June 2008

ABU DHABI OUT OF THE SHADOW Abu Dhabi is to Dubai as Washington DC is to New York, and as... Read More

Vision Shanghai

1st April 2008

The 2010 World Expo will be a platform to promote Shanghai as an international city – one that can bid... Read More

Thinking it Through

1st April 2008

When the great Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote: “The best-laid schemes o’mice an‘men gang aft agley”, he tapped into a... Read More

Langkawi Hideaway

1st February 2008

Langkawi has undergone a quiet, almost unnoticed, transformation in recent years, and now deserves to be spoken of alongside a... Read More

Brunei – Place of Peace

1st February 2008

Those in the know would often refer to the oil-rich sultanate of Brunei as the “Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures” as... Read More

Mekong Magic

1st February 2008

The French influence in south-east Asia adds a touch of cosmopolitan elegance to the countries of Cambodia and Laos but... Read More

India – Giant Steps

1st December 2007

From the busy streets of Mumbai and the bustling bazaars of New Delhi to the leisurely cities of Agra in... Read More