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Human factor key to success

4th February 2020

HUMAN interaction and connections are the most important elements in ensuring successful business events, according to a report released as... Read More


Take 5: Hong Kong highlights

30th January 2020

1/ Lamma island The lowdown Most of Hong Kong’s 234 outlying islands are uninhabited by humans. Lamma is one of the... Read More


Year of the robot

24th January 2020

2020 might be Chinese Year of the Rat, but many predictions point to it also being Year of the Robot... Read More


From surfies to wineries

24th January 2020

Port Beach in North Fremantle is less than a half-hour’s drive from Perth city centre and the Coast venue offers... Read More


In event of a crisis

23rd January 2020

WILDFIRES in Australia and Korea, global trade disputes, geopolitical upheavals, including violent protests in Hong Kong, the coronavirus outbreak and…... Read More


Team builders catalyse in NZ

19th December 2019

CATALYST’S Asia Pacific partners gathered in the brisk, sunny evening before the conference. Then came the thrills. After taking a... Read More


Logistical moves in events

29th November 2019

HOW to get the job done successfully and efficiently is the simplest way of describing the logistics of event planning,... Read More