When 10,000 turn up for dinner!

Kuala Lumpur venue not only hosts Perfect China mega conference, but lays on record-breaking banquet

Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) has set a sumptuous record for the venue by hosting and serving 10,000 guests at a full-day conference, featuring an eight-course Chinese set menu. 

The banquet was a highlight of the 2024 Perfect China International Convention and 30th Anniversary celebration, supported by Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB).

With a core team of 80 professionals, MITEC also managed more than 1,500 casual staff to ensure the event’s success.

“We are incredibly proud of the team at MITEC and the seamless execution of this monumental event,” said Jessie Tan, the venue’s managing director. “This accomplishment is a testament to MITEC’s dedication to providing world-class service and creating unforgettable experiences for clients and their guests.”

Executive chef Chiew Chee Mun said the focus was on quality and sustainability. “We take great pride in serving authentic, high-quality food made from locally sourced ingredients. For this event, we used an impressive array of local produce, including two tonnes of whole chicken, 1,200 kg of pomfret fish, 10 tons of minced chicken, and 500 kg of prawn to name a few of the ingredients. 

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“By partnering with local suppliers, we ensure empowerment of suppliers and freshness of our ingredients while supporting the local economy. Our team, along with 250 culinary students, worked tirelessly to deliver a memorable dining experience for our guests.”

Head of operations, Mohan Vasantha Thevan, said  attention to detail and precision planning went into making the event a success. “Delivering a seamless customer experience is at the heart of what we do at MITEC. Our passionate and professional team meticulously planned every aspect of the event, ensuring that every detail was perfect. 

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“We utilised over 1,000 round tables, 20,000 chairs and various chinaware items to accommodate the guests. This dedication to excellence is what allows us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and create unforgettable events.”

A spokesperson for the venue said that as Malaysia prepares for Visit Malaysia Year 2026, MITEC’s ability to host big events plays a crucial role in attracting global visitors and enhancing the country’s reputation as a leading destination for business and tourism.

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