Informa F&B event gets Peranakan flavour

SINGAPORE EXPO worked with one of the Lion City’s niche museums to organise a “Peranakan Courtyard” experience during one of Asia’s biggest F&B trade shows.

The pop-up restaurant provided visitors to Informa’s Food & Hotel Asia – Food & Beverage 2024 with a chance to sample cuisine from the Peranakan ethnic group, people of Chinese descent with Malay or Indonesian heritage.

The Intan, an award-winning house-based museum renowned for its extensive collection of Peranakan antiques, worked with the venue under the EXPO Advantage partnership program, Visitors to the pop-up were able to view various antiques on display and learn more about Peranakan history and culture.

“The integration of authentic Peranakan artifacts and cultural elements into the Peranakan Courtyard enabled us to curate a unique and unforgettable experience which served as a gateway for foreign delegates to deeply immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Peranakan culture,” said Alvin Yapp, founder of The Intan.

The courtyard during April 23-26 show was also an example of Singapore EXPO’s “festivalisation-as-a-service” offering to enhance events at the venue with live music, fun activities, and cuisine.

Janice Lee, Informa Markets’ event director of hospitality, food and beverage in  Singapore, said: “As an event organiser, FHA-Food & Beverage understands the networking needs of our participants. With exhibitors and buyers coming together for this event, our aim was to provide a dynamic platform for business opportunities – hence, the significance of a networking space.

“This is the second time collaborating with Singapore EXPO on a similar activation, and their attentiveness to our requirements mirrors last year’s success.

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“The Peranakan Courtyard was designed to elevate participants’ experiences, offering a space where they could network and have a good time simultaneously,” Lee said.

Khoo Yew Jin, vice president, brand and customer experience at Constellar, which manages Singapore EXPO, said: “As part of our festivalisation-as-a-service offering, we collaborate with partners to reimagine traditional trade shows and usher in a new era of events that come with engaging and immersive experiences.”


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