Vok Dams’ TrendLab shows AI potential

LIVE-MARKETING and events agency Vok Dams used the 23rd edition of its annual TrendLab presentation to highlight how planners can use Artificial Intelligence.

The event in Stuttgart coincided with the 15th anniversary of the agency opening an office in the German city and attracted clients, partners and others from the business events industry seeking to explore the potential of AI.

Presentations from Christopher Werth, chief creative officer, and Paul Gonzalez, executive creative director of the AI/Design Team at Vok Dams began with the agency’s “SHINE” approach (Sustainable, Hybrid, Individual, Networkable, Extraordinary) aimed at bringing AI applications to greater levels.

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The focus was on enhancing efficiency in project management, optimising the creativity process, and improving visualisation, analysis, and the overall event experience, a spokesman for the agency said.

Interactive experience stations allowed participants to witness the versatility of AI firsthand. Guests created their own multilingual video messages and experienced how their voices sounded in different languages. They also tried out the VOK DAMS AI Hotline to explore the functionalities and possibilities of AI-based services.

Vok Dams said the TrendLab showed how AI is transforming the events industry with participants gaining strong insights into the potential of integrating the technology into their projects.

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