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Vietnam – Heart and Soul

1st February 2009

Companies invariably gravitate towards the Vietnamese cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City when choosing a destination for their... Read More

Time Travel – Japan

1st December 2008

Few countries deliver the blend of heritage and modernity quite the way Japan does. Kimono-clad women, clutching their mobile phones,... Read More

Bangkok In Kaleidoscope

1st December 2008

One of Bangkok’s biggest attractions as a destination is its strong sense of place that instantly makes travellers feel that... Read More

Taiwan Looks Ahead

1st October 2008

Taipei is something of an enigma as far as major East Asian cities are concerned. Hong Kong has a mesmerising... Read More

Macau Gambit

1st October 2008

Transforming itself into the Las Vegas of Asia has turned the world’s eyes toward this tiny Chinese enclave, and along... Read More

Vietnam – Time To Shine

1st October 2008

During the last decade, Vietnam was lauded as one of Asia-Pacific’s hot new tourist destinations. This decade, it shows all... Read More

Korea – Curtain Calls

1st October 2008

Seoul has two faces. To the outside world, what is easily seen is the city’s conservative character, while the fun... Read More

Unique Bali

1st August 2008

Few places in the world evoke such strong mystical images as Bali. Known as the Island of the Gods, this... Read More