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Beneath The Surface

2nd February 2013

Descending into the bowels of the earth for a cocktail reception, dinner or business incentive might seem slightly incongruous, but... Read More

Body and Soul

30th November 2012

Promoting a healthy mind and body among employees is increasingly advocated by companies as they observe the adverse effects of... Read More

Western hospitality

30th November 2012

To kick off its users group symposium in Queensland last August, Honeywell broke the ice among the 165 delegates by... Read More

Last-minute logistics

30th November 2012

Working on tight timelines is no longer out of the ordinary for meeting planners who get requests for proposals (RFPs)... Read More

Water Borne

7th October 2012

Man has depended on river systems throughout history. Wherever water gathers in the mountains and propels itself towards the sea,... Read More

Seoul-ful elements

7th October 2012

The phenomenon that is the “Korean Wave” has taken the world by storm, with artists of every stripe sitting up... Read More

Peer pressure

7th October 2012

Pride was on the line for Hong Kong Disneyland when it hosted a gala dinner for some 400 plus delegates... Read More