ICCA sets record in Bangkok, commits to food sustainability

ICCA has set a new record for the Asia Pacific region as 1,123 participants from 80 countries and regions gathered at its 62nd congress in Bangkok – the event was also the third largest in the history of the International Congress and Convention Association.

Former United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki Moon was among the guest speakers at the four-day event in Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, November 12-15.

The event also saw ICCA’s “Bangkok Pledge on Gastronomy Sustainability” being announced. The conference legacy report for food sustainability and food-waste management will be launched in 2024.

Thai meetings industry leaders take to the stage with TCEB and ICCA officials

 “It Starts With Us” was the congress theme with ICCA approaching the congress differently this year by treating everyone as a first timer. The event featured 44 educational sessions with 86 member-associations attending.

Topic ranged from sustainability, innovation and legacy to diversity, equality and inclusion across daily Sharing Hubs with 360 minutes of participant-led content being created.

“It was a remarkable working and cultural experience being together in the captivating city of Bangkok” said ICCA chief executive, Senthil Gopinath.

Gala entertainment at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre blended traditional and modern Thai culture

“We created an experience where content, spectacle, collaboration, and possibility came together in harmony. We took on and tackled the big subjects – from AI to talent development – giving our members the discussion areas and action points they need to grow and thrive.

“The 62nd ICCA Congress will be seen as a step change for ICCA and our global community and will truly reinforce and celebrate that we are indeed, stronger than ever,” Gopinath said.

TCEB president Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya said: “TCEB and ICCA Thailand members are delighted that Thailand played a part in making the 62nd ICCA Congress in Bangkok one of the largest gatherings of the ICCA community. With a record of 1,123 attendances, it has become the largest ICCA event Asia Pacific ever held. 

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“What’s more important is that we all have exercised our best efforts in enabling a congress to meet the global calls since we share the ambitious goals with ICCA in producing measurable environmental and social responsibility that will further strengthen future congresses.” Ayuthaya said.

The TCEB president said that by reducing carbon emission through domestic activities, and using sustainable food sourcing and food waste management, the efforts would be used as a model for the 2024 congress.”

ICCA is now planning its 62nd Congress Sustainability Report to highlight the legacy initiative of the time spent in Bangkok with the launch of the Bangkok Pledge on Gastronomy Sustainability by ICCA. This model (in collaboration with TCEB) will provide the basis for sustainable food sourcing and food waste management for events in 2024.

Main picture: ICCA CEO Senthil Gopinath and the association’s president Marta Gomes greet delegates in Bangkok 


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