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Corporate & Caring

1st June 2008

Participants in incentive programmes are the recipients of very expensive and lavish corporate events worldwide. While they have earned their... Read More

Fruits of the Imagination

1st June 2008

Thailand offers companies endless possibilities for unique and memorable events and incentive trips so it is impossible to run out... Read More

Can we trust clients?

1st April 2008

INTEGRITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, honesty and fair play. Attributes, I’m sure, we in the marketing services industry would aspire to and claim... Read More

Green is a Red Herring

1st April 2008

Wherever we look, whatever we do, whenever we travel, whoever we meet, everything and everybody is turning green! Confucius says... Read More

Expect the Unexpected

1st February 2008

ARE YOU scared of China? Does the prospect of hosting an event in Shanghai excite or terrify you? Many of... Read More

Fashion Conscious

1st February 2008

When the hand-delivered invite card arrives, encased in an oversized velvet envelope with embossed lettering, most people’s anticipation levels leap... Read More

Launch into the Lifestyle

1st February 2008

CORPORATE EVENTS could have lifestyle elements, and could make such a difference that people attending these events will be aware... Read More

Green Days

1st February 2008

Green initiatives can take a number of forms. Most of them are as simple as using natural light and energy... Read More

Smell of Success

1st December 2007

Roasting coffee, sandalwood incense, pine trees in spring, and expensive cologne. Everyone has their favourite fragrance – which is just... Read More