New Uses for Digital Media

In creating meaningful event experiences that deliver imperative business messages, there are various challenges we face.

As event marketers, we are always looking for new ways of obtaining greater value and longer retention for our clients. Another challenge specific to Hong Kong is the lack of interesting large-capacity venues that offer flexible use. More and more, we are seeing digital content playing a key role in answering these various challenges.

When it comes to budgets, clients are more willing to spend money on content that can be reused after the event – that will enhance their message and drive further communication with their audience. Strong imagery that positions the product or enhances the moment can be repurposed for a strong follow-up campaign.

When we find ourselves in a situation where the only venues available for a client’s event have been used before or have limited access and set-up time, we often turn to digital content to give those spaces a point of difference. Large-format (panoramic) projection can completely transform a venue and only requires enough time to erect screens and focus projectors. This approach can provide an incredibly dynamic backdrop to a live experience that enables us to deliver a message that is clear and concise. In short, digital content:

•  Gives maximum impact in support of the live experience

•  Is flexible and very effective in reinforcing multi-brand messaging

•  Creates an environment, and as such, can be used to replace expensive/complicated or time-consuming builds

•  Can refresh an aging venue through the technique of panoramic projection

•  Can be reused and repurposed following the live event

In the past, digital media was often a “free” add-on to events. We now find that it has become a strategic asset to a full marketing campaign and an integral part of a live experience, a trend that our company Luminous has already fully embraced.


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