Picking the Right Partner

Which is the single most important event in the world? Yours, of course. But even the best-laid plans won’t cut the mustard without matching the right venue with the right destination management company (DMC). For event planners, there is a world of difference between mediocre and magnificent. If you’ve got the desire to produce a winning event, picking the right partner is the number-one job.

Look for a hotel or venue that is ready to seize the moment and take joint ownership of your event. It takes extraordinary service from the staff as well as flexibility and creativity to help you take full advantage of a meeting space, in addition to a passional attitude and the power to make and act on decisions quickly.

The right DMC will have to be fully acquainted with your organisation’s culture and demographics before they recommend creative options.

Of course, the customs and culture of your selected locale are all part of the creative fusion your DMC must bring together to deliver a truly memorable experience.

You need to be a clairvoyant, stickler for detail, creative muse, money manager and logistics maestro. But your CV and multiple personalities aren’t truly complete until you add talent scout with the Wisdom of Solomon to the mix. All of these qualities come together in perfect harmony when you are able to strike the right balance between venue and DMC.      

What’s best for the event is ultimately your call, but the finesse of managing multiple creative egos, sustaining momentum and the maximum team effort from all of the professional service partners for the duration of the event – these are the things that earn your wages (and a decent night’s sleep). From research to site visit and selection, detailed analyses at each stage leads to a blueprint for success. From there, with the right partners, the single most important event in the world is destined to be in the palm of your hand.


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