A Unique Challenge

Creating a unique experience is one of the most frequent requirements for an event organiser and perhaps the ultimate challenge for a destination management company. The concept is constantly evolving and is entirely subjective, yet uniqueness has become an essential component of any incentive event. Indeed, unique and exclusive often go hand in hand and the more people experience something, the less special the idea of that particular item becomes.

Within incentive travel, the concepts of uniqueness and experience can be applied and interpreted in varying ways and sometimes a subtle tweak or addition to a programme can create a memorable event. In many ways, we are very lucky to be operating in destinations that are known relatively less by the corporate travel world and therefore are already exotic and appealing.

However, as clients become more travelled, better informed and ever more demanding, one of the DMC’s most important tasks is to be able to create an experience that is truly unique and will be sure to thrill and surprise even the most worldly or spoilt guest.

Many ingredients are required to elevate an event from the merely great to the truly unique, but here are three fundamental components that I believe are essential for creating a unique event for every brief or budget.

Firstly, every event must be personalised as every client is different and cookie-cutter incentive events, no matter how well they are executed, simply do not work. Understanding the client and their objectives and getting inside their corporate DNA is not only essential but can give you the inspiration to create something new or at least put a twist on an event to make it really unique.

Secondly, each event must contain the spirit of the destination. Understanding the natural attributes of a destination allows us to craft itineraries and events that showcase its highlights. Interacting with people and cultures makes our destinations so special. 

Thirdly, people with the experience and know-how to make every detail not just work but shine must deliver the event. To stay ahead in this competitive sector, ingenuity, dynamic ideas and flexible, service-driven teams are what will keep us moving forward as a premier incentive travel region.


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