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Launch into the Lifestyle

1st February 2008

CORPORATE EVENTS could have lifestyle elements, and could make such a difference that people attending these events will be aware... Read More

Green Days

1st February 2008

Green initiatives can take a number of forms. Most of them are as simple as using natural light and energy... Read More

Smell of Success

1st December 2007

Roasting coffee, sandalwood incense, pine trees in spring, and expensive cologne. Everyone has their favourite fragrance – which is just... Read More

Tailor-made Solutions

1st December 2007

In today's increasingly dynamic business environment, information is king. Since our network operates 14 offices in eight countries extending from... Read More


Programmes for the planet

1st December 2007

Ecotourism and green travel are all the rage these days with the sustained spotlight on global warming in the past... Read More

Thinking Allowed

1st October 2007

"I think, therefore I am,” said Rene Descartes. While the French philosopher was focusing on nothing less than the profound... Read More

Hospitality Boom

1st October 2007

Anyone entering Shanghai’s Xintiandi district in late September 2004 knew a major show was in town. The bars and restaurants... Read More

Green Piece

1st October 2007

Let’s face it – the corporate events industry is not the most environmentally friendly sector, particularly when it comes to... Read More

Three Challenges

1st October 2007

Increasing emphasis on events as a powerful, direct communication channel presents three main challenges for professional event managers: conceptualizing and... Read More

A Mission to Serve

1st August 2007

The interest in corporate social responsibility and environmental and social issues has been fast and furious in the wake of... Read More