Wooing China, the Australian way

Australia’s business events industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, and one that grows from strength to strength. Maintaining momentum takes commitment, innovation and creativity to continually inspire the customer.

Our research (available here) shows that Australia continues to consistently rank highly in the international business events market, either first or second against 45 other destinations, as a place offering world-class natural beauty, local cuisine, outstanding business events facilities, accommodation and experiences. 

In particular, Australia remains highly aspirational as a business events destination for the China market, and for good reason. Australia’s offering as a business events destination is constantly evolving, with greater flexibility in what can be offered or achieved for businesses, and constantly exceeding expectations.

China’s business events buyers are increasingly well-travelled and looking for experiences with ‘wow’ factor. But where does that ‘wow’ factor come from? How is it created and then communicated?

An example is Tourism Australia’s ‘Restaurant Australia’ campaign – showcasing the country’s exceptional food and wine experiences. Since its launch early last year, the campaign has been bringing together stories of Australia’s people, produce and places, helping to demonstrate to international audiences the world-class food and wine experiences being served-up in remarkable locations every day. We encourage buyers to explore these stories online to ensure that their next event is complemented by memorable culinary experiences and settings.

Developing and promoting our world-class business events offering also requires effective communication on the ground. Tourism Australia has business events specialists based in Greater China who are key to ensuring Australia has a strong presence in this competitive and crowded market. Connecting with our agency and corporate buyers on a daily basis, our team is instrumental in communicating Australia’s distinctive destinations, products and experiences.

Bringing the Australia experience to China through trade visits and events, wherever possible, is also extremely important for building relationships and increasing awareness and preference for Australia. Equally, there’s no substitute for experiencing a destination first-hand. Our key business events showcase, Dreamtime, will take place in Adelaide in December 2015, giving buyers from around the world the opportunity to experience Australia’s leading incentive product first-hand.

Australia is a place of fresh thinking and innovation, where a can-do attitude prevails. This natural optimism, creativity and unquenchable desire to succeed has seen our business events industry flourish and the country remain a place of inspiration for the China market.

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