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Great Wall stays

26th July 2019

EVERY visiting group should be taken on a pilgrimage from Beijing out to the Great Wall. It’s one of the... Read More


Recycling nostalgia

8th February 2018

Construction cranes and the bulldozer are all too familiar sights for groups travelling through China’s main cities as growth continues... Read More


On route to China’s century

2nd January 2018

The One Belt One Road initiative is China’s strategic economic and foreign policy to bolser regional connectivity by boosting cross-border... Read More


Let’s meet in… The Bund

16th December 2017

USP Shanghai in the mid-19th century was a non-descript town of just a couple of hundred thousand inhabitants along the... Read More


On the shoulders of giants

6th December 2017

Hangzhou is a city of giants, both literally and metaphorically. Along with the fascinating modern architecture and the storied West... Read More


Pudong pioneers

3rd October 2017

Two of Shanghai’s major events and entertainment venues are expanding their operations as the city competes with Beijing in the... Read More