Buyers put trade first at Canton Fair

OVERSEAS buyers attending the spring edition of China’s largest business event are reported to be shrugging off the threat of trade barriers on Chinese exports and instead placing orders worth for renewable energy products.

The Canton Fair opened on April 15 in Guangzhou to welcome more than 87,000 overseas buyers and some 28,000 exhibitors with many seeking to meet the demand back home for goods to help in the transition to more environmental protections.

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Media in China are reporting enthusiasm among buyers and exhibitors at the fair especially for green technology products. This comes despite trade barriers being discussed by the European Union and the United States to prevent cheaper imports of products such as electric vehicles and solar-energy equipment from China.

Official figures show the number of buyers attending the fair the US was up more than 20 per cent from the autumn edition of the twice-yearly show. There was also increased interest from countries in ASEAN’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the Middle East.

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“The world is interested in green technology, and it is nice to see that the Canton Fair has put such a focus on that,” said Steven Selikoff, one of the US buyers told the South China Morning Post.

Tony Ferris, a buyer from Australia, was also quoted as saying: “I have already placed orders for three containers… including solar products, batteries, windmills and inverters. My colleague is searching for glass, windows, doors, flooring and building material.”

The Canton Fair has been running twice a year since the late fifties and is attended by tens of thousands of buyers and traders from across the world. 

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