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Meeting your Creative Muse

19th December 2013

Working in the creative industries is both demanding and exhilarating. Creative minds not only need inspiration but also a lot... Read More

Future projections

31st July 2013

New technology can come from anywhere, so it’s important to play. For instance, I’m a surfer but because I live... Read More

Workplace workout

30th November 2012

A new branch of physiotherapy called “inactivity physiology” has rocked the office world. Scientists have worked out what is really... Read More

PowerPoint “postponed”

7th October 2012

Sitting around the campfire on a cold Gondwanaland winter’s evening, what did ancient man do to convey information to his... Read More

Maritz research

13th June 2012

UNITED STATES Integrating technology is the number one top-of-mind concern of more than 1,612 meeting planners, designers, venue operators and other... Read More

Making the Right Impression

4th June 2012

The ability to create strong relationships is the foundation for any successful business or career. Managing these internal and external... Read More