Game of drones

When it comes to the world of technology and enhancing the event experience, there are many devices which come to mind. Most recently, we’ve looked at the potential of harnessing holograms, as well as Apple’s iBeacons as exciting innovations to keep audiences on their toes.

However, it appears that from the world of hobbyist video- graphers and remote control consumer tech has arrived the newest invention set to change the game once again. Brizi has made the world’s first “social drone”, promising to lift attendee interaction to a new level while taking advantage of pre-existing social platforms and audience interaction.

Drones not just playthings 

The brainchild of tech startup Brizi, the drone is a miniature blimp which sails above the heads of guests whilst providing a unique bird’s eye view of the event in progress. The drone’s video feed can then be streamed to a projector or screen on terra firma. In addition, the blimp also allows smartphone users to interact with it through an app linked to their social channels.

While most drones available on the market today have a limited battery life of around 15 minutes, according to Brizi, their blimp can stay airborne for up to three hours. Another distinguishing feature of the Brizi system is that it creates the chance for large crowds or audiences to influence it through the purpose-built Brizi app.

Harnessing social interaction 

Traditionally, a drone’s flight path is controlled by one person, but the Brizi blimp is capable of responding to social media interactions of the guests below. By using their smartphones, attendees can direct the blimp to take a photo of the crowd to share on their favourite social media outlets, which can work to enhance brand engagement.

The social drone concept is built for engaging a larger-scale event, bringing a unifying point of interest across a big venue. The blimp’s creators suggest that the Brizi drone be used in venues where the ceiling is at least 5.4 metres high, with cruising altitude usually set around 4 metres above ground.

Additionally, the Brizi blimp’s envelope is customisable with a brand logo or message for ultimate visibility, likening it to a reimagined promotional plane banner.

With event managers now able to take advantage of such a broad range of interactive technology, there appears to be no limit to the creative means to achieve a higher level of event engagement.

Carly Lewis is general manager – Asia, for cievents.

This article originally appeared on the company's event management news blog.

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