5 productivity tools for meeting planners

Meeting and event planners have a difficult task to track all aspects of the event planning and management process. Luckily, there are great tools available that increase productivity and efficiencies. Here are five of our favorite tools we use at Eventinterface and will help you as well. 

MailChimp is a must-have solution for anyone needing to automate email invitations and check their effectiveness. The simplicity of the solution, and the ability to manage your brand image easily makes this one of the best tools available. MailChimp too is cost effective for meeting and event planners. The forever-free option will let you start your event invitation campaigns, and MailChimp grows with you as the need evolves.
Dropbox is file-sharing solution that allows event planners to share files too large to email, and provides access to files from mobile devices away from the office. At Eventinterface we use it to share artwork and video with our vendors. Planners can start with a free plan and the solution scales with your needs.

Pipedrive is a great tool to manage your sales and sales pipeline. For event and meeting planners it is a fantastic tool to manage the sponsorship sales pipeline. The solution is fully customizable and the visual overview of your progress makes it easy to use. Pipedrive too is perhaps one of the most cost-effective CRM solutions on the market.

Fewer emails are better, correct? Slack is a powerful tool that allows you to create a team and organize discussions around topics in channels. For event and meeting planners, this could be around sponsorship, marketing, program, and logistics. The beauty of Slack is that it decreases the emails you receive in your inbox from your team and event planning committee. It’s a great tool to share event knowledge as well. Slack is accessible from an app on your mobile devices

One productivity tool that we use daily is Eventinterface, our own end-to-end event and meeting-planning tool. Eventinterface is used to manage events and increases efficiencies by bringing the planning process, attendee management, content collection and distribution, and attendee engagement all in one easy-to-use solution. 

Al Wynant is co-founder and CEO of Eventinterface

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