Palace Hotel gets a hold on sumo

A LUXURY hotel next to Tokyo’s Imperial Palace is offering event attendees and guests a chance to get to grips with sumo wrestling.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

The thrills and rituals behind the ancient sport of sumo are being presented in an off-site excursion by Palace Hotel Tokyo.

The legendary Ryuji Suginomori – known to fans as Sekiwake Aminishiki – will lead the experience in which attendees witness the intensity of the training sessions, observe the grapplers in action and learn about the rigorous routines of sumo wrestlers who train at the Ajigawa stable.

For those seeking a hands-on experience, this excursion offers the chance to try sumo wrestling under the guidance of experienced wrestlers and what the Palace Hotel Tokyo describes as “the power and grace of this ancient sport”.

Following the training session, guests can tuck into chanko nabe, a traditional hotpot dish beloved by sumo wrestlers for its nourishing qualities. 

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“This culinary experience provides a deeper understanding of sumo wrestlers’ diets and flavours,” says a spokesperson for the hotel. 

An English-speaking guide who is knowledgeable about the sport is also available. “Their expertise will enrich the journey, fostering a deeper appreciation for sumo wrestling’s traditions and techniques,” the Palace Hotel says of the 3.5 hour experience at Ajigawa stable.

Main picture: Wrestlers clash at Ajigawa Sumo Stable

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