Why travel is the best incentive

Travel has the highest Return On Investment as a reward in any motivation programme. Here are some fundamentals organisers need to know:

  • A trip must be to a destination that is aspirational to the target base.
  • It must offer unique and engaging experiences that the more typical travellers cannot, or would find it difficult, to buy on their own.
  • It should offer a level of luxury or quality that would pamper the participants at levels they are normally not used to.
  • Cash as an incentive is always welcome, but works better at lower levels in a corporate environment. The higher you go, the more aspirational the reward must be, and that is where travel fits best.

In my opinion, as an incentive travel practitioner, travel is the best reward. You spend money, you break or lose things, but you cannot take away the amazing memories and happy times one experiences on an incentive trip.

The joy of seeing smiles and hearing laughter on a trip makes my job as a DMC so much more special.

This is an extract from our Spotlight feature on motivation in the Oct-Nov issue of MIX. You can read more of the feature here

Rajeev Kohli is managing director of Creative Travel India and 2016/17 SITE president

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