Osaka builds up ‘wow factor’ ahead of 2025 World Expo

OSAKA is pushing its “wow” factor as the city prepares to host the 2025 World Expo with a mission to become Japan’s top MICE destination and a premier player in Asia’s business events industry.

Word plays and campaign material designs playing on the phrase “We are Osaka” are being rolled out to highlight the unique identity of Japan’s second biggest city and the surrounding Kansai region.

Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau has also launched a new promotional video and brochure aimed at organisers of international conferences, incentives and events.

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The campaign will also draw on Osaka’s iconic canals and the character of the city which is noted for food choices and the sense of humour among local people.

“Osaka has long been known for its identity in building bridges, stemming from the city’s many canals where the earliest people built their livelihoods,” said a spokesman for the bureau.

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“With a culture of using humour as a communication tool, the Osakan people make connections through their friendliness and warmth.

“With Expo 2020 Dubai currently underway, now is the time for Osaka to step further into the spotlight as Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai approaches.”

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