Shanghai gets a right royal quiz

SATURDAY May 19 was a big day in the United Kingdom and for anyone with even a passing interest in the British Royal Family. Millions of TV and digital-device screens across Britain and the world were tuned to live coverage of the royal wedding.

In Shanghai, as the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approached, the British Chamber Shanghai realised its annual ball was to fall on the same date.

Winning pitch
The chamber settled on the theme of “Royalty & Weddings” for its annual ball where the wedding would be screened live. But an activity to entertain the nearly 400 guests as they waited for the live broadcast to start was needed.

Team Building Asia proposed a programme that went further than entertainment. It offered both engagement for the guests and a deeper engagement with the actual event by challenging
guests to test their knowledge of the royal wedding and royal family more broadly.

During the registration, Team Building Asia put on its Go Engage programme, an adaptation of the tablet-based Go Team platform. It is a digitally guided treasure hunt allowing teams to go on a fully customised journey, completing GPS-triggered challenges along the way.

Go Engage uses the same platform, but without the navigational aspect, allowing you to personalise a set of tasks, in this case questions that tested guests’ knowledge of the royal family.

Guests were tested on their knowledge of aspects of the royal couple, as well as the British royal family in general. Questions included when and how Harry and Meghan met, where Prince Harry falls in the line of succession to the British throne, as well as what the Queen of England likes to drink every day before her lunch.

This provided the British Chamber a way to engage guests that was both meaningful and relevant as they waited for the event to get under way. It also encouraged guests to work together and acted as an icebreaker between the guests seated at the same table.

There was a busy schedule during the evening event, but Team Building Asia was able to mingle with the guests and engage them with the activity.

Team Building Asia said the Go Engage activity was a fun way for the British Chamber Shanghai to engage guests with the event and this aspect of British culture. It would work at any large-scale event as an additional layer of engagement for attendees.

James Dunn, director of business development at the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, said the chamber’s annual ball had coincided with the royal wedding and Team Building Asia was a “loyal supporter” of the chamber.

“Team Building Asia provided the guests with a bespoke, tailormade interactive quiz via iPads on the history of the royal family,” Dunn said.

“The quiz was an excellent way to keep participants engaged while waiting for the gala dinner to start. It provided them with an opportunity to challenge themselves on their knowledge while bonding with other attendees taking the quiz together as one team. We would definitely like to use Team Building Asia again.”

• People knew who Meghan Markle was, but were less knowledgeable about her relationship with Prince Harry and were surprised to find out they met on a blind date.

• A lot of people took a good guess at the Queen’s favourite daily tipple (gin and Dubonnet).

• People knew that Prince Harry is shorter than Prince William, but were not sure Harry’s ranking in the line of succession to the throne.

• The average score was 450 out of 750.

• Men took longer than women to answer the questions.

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