Driving down memory lane

The Volkswagen Group’s T series of vans – or the Volkswagen Transporter – has been a motoring icon since the 1950s and has evolved through six generations. The latest is the T6, which the manufacturer sees as representing a new era for its Volkswagen T family, and the 66th anniversary of the T.

Auto dealers and media were invited to the Volkswagen New Multivan & New Caravelle Launch Event in Shanghai in May. Attendees participated in an on-road test drive to familiarise themselves with new features of the T6 – designed for the vehicle to meet the demands of a modern age of motoring.

Winning Pitch
Uniplan was chosen for the launch event as a result of the live communications agency’s long-term partnership with the Volkswagen Group and knowledge of the auto events scene in Asia.

The company has more than 30 years’ of experience in the automotive industry in China, and has worked with Volkswagen there for almost seven. 

“With our partnership with Volkswagen, we have acquired a deep understanding of Volkswagen’s brand image, expressive styles and preferences, allowing us to forge a trusted and harmonious relationship,” said Geraldine Chew, managing director of Uniplan Beijing. 

Uniplan treated attendees to an immersive experience of the T6, so that all five senses were stimulated.

The ceremony kicked off with a blast from the past: a visualisation of the T1 Kombi. Guests were taken on a visual journey through 66 years of vehicle evolution, culminating in the T6. The presentation simultaneously showcased the unique identity of each model and how the designs of the vans evolved over the years.

The event thrived on being an experience of the senses. As guests took in pictures of each generation, the event rekindled those years with music from the era. Custom candies and fragrances added to their sense of the era and they were even prompted to touch materials similar to those used in the vehicles’ construction.

With all five senses stimulated, guests were then presented with a “sixth sense” – the T6. The T6 was a central feature of the event decor: a celebration of the T series’ sixth generation and its 66th anniversary this year.

The audience encountered past generations of T1 to T5s, enhancing the event’s sense of nostalgia.

The impressive display of T6 models, projections and videos ensured that the launch segment was the highlight of the event. 

VIP guests, including president of Phoenix New Media Li Ya, Beijing Guoan Football Club sporting director Shao Jiayi, artist Wu Bin and president of Peking University MBA Alumni, Pan Zhong (below), then shared details of their experiences with the T6. Taiwan singer-songwriter Zhang Yu ended the formal part of the evening with two of his classic songs.

Test drives were ongoing throughout the three-day event, showcasing the T6’s suitability for both business and pleasure travel. Participants travelled from Shanghai’s CBD area to the greenery of Chongming island. 

“The recently completed T6 launch was a great success, and is also our benchmark for our partnership with Volkswagen,” said Chew.

She said the event gave potential dealers a comprehensive insight into and understanding of the design and functions of the new Multivan and Caravelle model, which would give them an advantage with sales in China.

Event: Volkswagen New Multivan & New Caravelle Launch Event
Agency: Uniplan (Creative, Operation and Construction Agency)
Venue: West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai
Attendees: 200 
Big Moments: Visualisation of the T1 Kombi, followed by a showcasing of each T generation. 
Date: May 25-27, 2016

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