Sustainability gold, silver, bronze up for grabs in Singapore

A SUSTAINABILITY certificate developed by Singapore’s convention and exhibition organisers’ association and backed by the city state’s tourism board has been launched.

The Singapore MICE Sustainability Certification (MSC) is aimed at building efforts across the state’s MICE industry to equip and certify their businesses by adopting sustainable practices when organising events.

Saceos (Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers) produced the MSC with the support of Singapore Tourism Board after consultation with business event organisers. 

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The Singapore MSC programme is a new framework that builds on the first MICE Sustainability Certification introduced in 2016. It consists of gold, silver and bronze tiers covering the management of carbon, waste, energy, water management, social, human and procurement.

The certificates align with targets set out in the MICE Sustainability Roadmap to achieve nationally or internationally recognised sustainability certification for 80 per cent of Saceos members and Singapore’s six purpose-built MICE venues by end of 2025.

Financial assistance schemes related to business improvement and productivity will be made available for companies to embark on their Singapore MSC journey. Pricing starts from S$330 for members in the SME co-funded bronze category.

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Dylan Sharma, co-founder and director, Singapore-based Tricom Events, said: “Event agencies, such as Tricom, have the responsibility to integrate sustainable practices across all the events that we organise. This is a matter not only of corporate social responsibility, but also client responsibility seeing as, increasingly, our clients seek strategic and practical advice on the organisation of sustainable events. 

“It is important that our industry has recognised means of providing others with assurance of our capabilities in organising sustainable events. The Singapore MSC provides this,” said Sharma.

“As a pilot company for the Singapore MICE Sustainability Certification, I strongly encourage all industry players in the MICE ecosystem to get themselves certified, in line with our industry and national imperatives.”

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Ian Wu, co-owner and CEO of Huone Singapore, added: “Venues, big or small, are an integral part of the MICE ecosystem. Even as a small events venue, we at Huone Singapore believe that we can also play a part in reducing the environmental impact of our events and having a sustainability mindset across our team, that is not just driven in a mechanical nature.

“The Singapore MICE Sustainability Certification, which we are in the process of undertaking will also serve as a barometer to how close, or far away we are, in terms of the actions that we have already executed or are planning to put in place, and will provide assurance that we are on the right track,” Wu said. 

“If a small team like us can do it, so too can everyone else. While the certification process might seem daunting to a first-timer, it is an important first step towards a more sustainable future for our industry that all of us must take.”

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