Commodity week to lead way in carbon-neutral efforts

Singapore’s MICEcarbon teams up with organisers of Commodity Trading Week to reduce impact of event on climate change and to serve as example for MICE industry

A COLLABORATION between a Singapore-based carbon-offset platform for the MICE industry and the organisers of the inaugural Commodity Trading Week Asia Pacific is being hailed as leading the way for business events to contribute towards positive climate action.

MICEcarbon will be running a workshop at Commodity Trading Week at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore, January 24-25, on how delegates can take steps to make the event carbon-neutral.

London-based Commodity People, which is organising the conference, said all carbon generated by the event would be offset through transactions made via the MICEcarbon platform.

Commodities People have vowed to support to two verified carbon-offset project for the Singapore event: 

MICEcarbon said in a statement that with the MICE industry bringing people together for business and knowledge exchange, the collaboration with Commodities People is an important step to align the United Nations’ goals or reaching net zero by 2050 “to avert catastrophic global warming”.

“We’re thrilled to be working with MICEcarbon to decarbonise our inaugural event in Singapore,” said Ben Hillary, managing director of Commodities People.

“This collaboration shows our commitment to environmental responsibility by making the event carbon-neutral, with calculable Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions generated by this event offset through MICEcarbon’s verified projects. At the same time, we’re pleased to offer our attendees a means of offsetting their travel-related emissions through selected verified carbon-offset projects.”

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Daniel Chua, founding partner of MICEcarbon, said: “This collaboration marks a wonderful start to 2024, and is particularly meaningful given the event themes and the esteemed audience of industry leaders expected.

“Off-setting the event’s carbon emissions via verified projects with many co-benefits in addition to the carbon offsets is proactively responsible. At the same time it sends a positive message to the event’s attendees that it is possible to factor in the mitigation of environmental impact as a business consideration, and to inspire them to action in their own arenas.” 



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