BCD extends Kao’s role to Japan

LEADERSHIP at BCD Travel’s Japan operations is undergoing changes with the company’s Greater China managing director, Jonathan Kao, having his role expanded to cover North Asia.

From January 1, 2024, Kao will oversee travel operations in mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan. He replaces Kazuhiko Otani, the current managing director for BCD Travel Japan, who will move to a consulting role.

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“I am personally deeply appreciative of Otani san’s leadership, which stretches back over the past 43 years,” said Greg O’Neil, president, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and global network at BCD Travel. “His support and advocacy were crucial to BCD’s initial operational strategy and value proposition for our Japanese clients. He and his team have laid a strong foundation for an even stronger future.”

Kao, who has been with BCD since 2016, is credited with driving growth for the travel-management company across Greater China and having a “deep understanding of the Asia-Pacific region’s intricate technical, operational, and cultural nuances,” BCD Travel said in a statement announcing the changes. 

Under Kao’s guidance, the team has consistently improved client service, expanded service offerings, and achieved greater agility through targeted initiatives and tailored solutions. Importantly, his experience in addressing complexities such as rail travel, domestic/international divisions, and regulatory matters, will be invaluable in his new role.”

Kat said: “I am truly excited about the opportunity to support BCD’s clients and our own ambitious business strategy in Japan.

“Together with the team, I look forward to building on past successes and driving future growth as we help corporate clients and their employees travel smart and achieve more.”

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O’Neill added: “Japan is key to BCD’s future growth in the Asia Pacific region, and our plans for Japan place our clients at the forefront. We aim to respond swiftly and efficiently to specific needs within this complex market while harmonising the overall ‘BCD experience’ for clients across multiple markets. I’m very excited for BCD’s future in Japan under Jonathan’s leadership.”

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