New Maceos president shares agenda

DR M GANDHI, the new president of the Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (Maceos), met with the CEO of the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), Azman Haji Tambi Chik.  Vincent Lim, the Honorary President of Maceos, also joined the meeting, which discussed Dr Gandhi’s plans to elevate the association through several key initiatives. 

From left: Azman Haji Tambi Chik, CEO of MyCEB; Dr M Gandhi, president of Maceos and Vincent Lim, honorary president of Maceos

The market needed to be expanded to create more opportunities for members and the industry. Dr Gandhi emphasised working closely with government agencies and other stakeholders to achieve this goal. He also stressed the importance of developing industry talent to build a competitive workforce in Malaysia and the region.

“All members should unite to expand the business events market, ensuring significant benefits for everyone. Developing talent is also crucial to having a competitive and resilient workforce,” he said.

“Our past collaborations with MyCEB have been successful, and we look forward to future projects, especially the organisation of EVENTXPO 2024 during the Malaysia Business Events Week (MBEW), August 19-21.

“We appreciate the strong leadership and support of MyCEB CEO Mr Azman Haji Tambi Chik, who is highly respected and accepted by the industry. His efforts have greatly improved the business events industry, making Malaysia a top destination for international events,” Dr Gandhi said.

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Azman Haji Tambi Chik added: “We are thrilled to continue our close partnership with Maceos. Datuk Dr M Gandhi’s vision aligns perfectly with our goals at MyCEB. Together, we can drive the business events industry to new heights and position Malaysia as a premier destination for international business events.”

Dr Gandhi said Maceos would be a strong partner with government to create a bigger economic impact. “We are committed to using this role to drive growth and enhance Malaysia’s profile in regional and global markets,” he said.

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