UFI lines up Buri as incoming president

PANITTHA BURI, vice-chairperson of Thailand’s Bhiraj Buri Group, has been elected UFI president for the 2025-26 term of office.


Buri will join the UFI Presidential Trio – a leadership team that steers the 12-month transition between current president (Hugh Jones, of RX), the incoming president, Buri, and the outgoing office holder (Geoff Dickinson, DMG Events).

She will begin her role as incoming president in November and her UFI presidency becomes effective at the 92nd UFI Global Congress 2025 in Hong Kong.

Buri served as vice-chair of Bhiraj Buri Group since October 2022. Previously, she held various roles at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), including managing director and director of marketing and sales.

Since 2023, she has taken on several prominent roles including chair of the UFI Asia Pacific Chapter, president of the Thai Exhibition Association, and served on the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau board.

She is also an expert representative for Bangna Commercial College and is on the boards of both UFI and AIPC.

UFI’s recent presidents have been from the UK (Michael Duck, 2022-23, Hong Kong (Monica Lee-Müller, 2021-22), India (Anbu Varathan, 2020-21), the USA (Mary Larkin, 2019-20), South Africa (Craig Newman, 2018-19), and Italy (Corrado Peraboni, 2017-18).

“I am incredibly happy that Panittha Buri will take on the presidency of UFI in 2026,” said Geoff Dickinson, UFI’s current president. “She has served the events industry passionately… for many years in various roles. She brings a high level of experience and excellent relationships with her industry peers, and as vice chair of the Bhiraj Buri Group, she has extensive leadership experience.”

Buri added: “Let’s embark on this journey with passion, integrity and a shared vision for the next generations to come. Together, we can achieve great things.”

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When she becomes incoming president following UFI’s 91st Global Congress in Cologne, Germany, Buri will work closely with the president and outgoing president as part of the Presidential Trio, managing UFI at the highest level and furthering the association’s mission to connect, support and promote the exhibition industry around the world.

Main picture: UFI Presidential Trio (from left) Panittha Buri, Hugh Jones and Geoff Dickinson… Photo by Fotobueno

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