Launch into the Lifestyle

CORPORATE EVENTS could have lifestyle elements, and could make such a difference that people attending these events will be aware of them.

High-level lifestyle event carries in itself such elements as theme invitations, ‘buzz’ around the upcoming event, special decor, entertainment, elements of surprise, celebrities, gourmet food and plenty of champagne and wine

The challenge is finding a way to indulge guests while sending out the message that the company, product or charity needs to convey.

The charity events, that we organise to help raise funds for worthy causes, always have a bit of education, lots of fun, glamour, surprise and indulgence. Raising money is serious business, but it does not have to be done in a boring and stiff way.

Lifestyle events for luxury brands, on the other hand, always have a clear message that represents the  ‘world’ and values behind each product. 

For each event, we always create a special theme, and all the elements for the theme are incorporated accordingly. 

The choice of venue would depend on the number of people we need to accommodate, the logistics involved – whether it is a set-down dinner or a standing cocktail, or whether there is a fashion show element, among other things. For example, it would be hard to host an event in a ‘raw’ venue like a warehouse, if the guest of honour is a high-profile person like the prime minister of Singapore. In this instance, getting a secure, convenient and comfortable venue would be the order of the day, as security is the number one priority.

For any event, food is always a very important factor. We always create a special menu no matter how simple or complicated the event is. People these days travel a lot and are spoiled for choice, so it is always important to have this element of surprise and indulgence in the food even though the menu could be very simple.

We believe in using fresh seasonal ingredients rather than to serve complicated messy dinners that are of inferior standard. Once again, we keep in mind the theme for the evening, as well as the origins of the brand. For example, we would not serve French canapés for a cocktail hosted by an Italian designer.

With regards to entertainment, the quality and idea is important. Live music is not necessarily the best way to go, unless the quality and standard is high. Our opinion is that a pre-recorded original of a well-thought out selection of tunes is always a safer choice. Other elements like a dance, a special performance or a ‘background’ element, if done well, will enhance the evening.

Adding signature lifestyle element make events a bit different, and guests will be happy to experience a bit of a lighter touch in between the serious parts of the event.   


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