Irksome initials chill the very heart of independent operators

Politics is a tense business, but a haven for those with an overwhelming desire to leave a legacy, or make a few dollars along the way. Word reaches us that the local chapter of the unfortunately initialled ISES (International Special Events Society HK) may no longer have a legacy to leave.

The small band of Hong Kong-based creative event specialists, each of whom has an enviable portfolio of corporate work, is under threat of being absorbed into another dismal set of initials, ICE – International Conference & Event Society Asia-Pacific – or Icesap, if you like longer acronyms.

HK ISES has long been supporting and educating creative event specialists in Hong Kong but has been struggling as a chapter-in-formation while the international umbrella organisation flourishes in Australia, the US and the UK.

Some unity seen around a leadership dinner in January gave hope that the daytime professional rivalries that exist in the industry would be put aside in favour of nurturing younger talent and making the Hong Kong government, in particular, aware of how vital business events are to the economy.

Before surrendering their independence, a few stout creative-event souls are understood to be making a last stand before they open their wallets and sign-up behind association minders and venue operators to embrace another irksome set of initials. Money and connections are the prime motives for this fragmentation, just let’s hope creative event specialists don’t get frozen out in the process.

On a happier note, Aime is looking good as usual with Melbourne showing how a business events destination ought to be. How can events be made any better? Well, Imagination’s Heath Campanaro has a few ideas. So too does cievents with tech tools that take the mundane out of meetings. Carly Lewis gives the lowdown here.

As they say in this part of the world: kung hei fat choi – and a Happy Year of the Ram!

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