Energising your event

What we eat has always played a vital role in supporting our bodies and at ICC Sydney, we believe the nutritional value of food is just as important as its provenance. 

From driving energy levels on the trade show floor to pepping up table conversations at gala dinners, we know that good nutrition enables event attendees and delegates to feel energised and healthy, to concentrate better and work more effectively.

It is this understanding that has driven our approach to food and will see ICC Sydney embrace an industry-first Feeding Your Performance philosophy to deliver ‘smart’ dishes comprising fresh, seasonal and ethically produced ingredients, expertly combined to fuel performance.

This innovative approach will be a driver for event, visitor and business success, helping provide the best possible environment for collaboration and engagement. 

Already, we are working with nutritionists to unlock the science behind ingredients and create menus which tick the boxes of both style and substance. Dishes will be high in protein and low in saturated fats to help delegates maintain focus. We’ll also raise the ratio of plant-based proteins in dishes to boost digestion and concentration.

Along with seasonal menus, we will cater to a range of global palates and events, and serve up some of Sydney’s most Instagramable dishes and desserts. At the heart of everything we do will be the basic principles of balance, quality, freshness and taste – the hallmarks of great food

To help support our team and culinary vision, we’ve established a large and broad network of artisan farmers and producers, which will be constantly evolving to help us serve up quintessential Sydney cuisine while strengthening regional businesses with the potential to create new jobs. 

Working with these regional growers, from planting to harvest, is a very exciting opportunity for us to showcase local talent while encouraging sustainability. It is also an opportunity for us to support and shine a spotlight on beautiful heritage ingredients which are packed with flavour.

Tony Panetta, Executive Chef at International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney)

For more on ICC Sydney, see here.

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