Go-karts rev Singapore EXPO’s cash hopes

After 95% drop in events and 21 job losses, exhibition hall and grounds remodelled to locate race circuit, food village and badminton courts

SINGAPORE EXPO is revving up with a go-kart circuit, a food village and indoor sports halls in a bid to drive up revenue following the Covid slowdown which resulted in job losses at the venue and cancelled events.

Venue managers Constellar Holdings, the rebrand of SingEx-Sphere Holdings, reported a 95 per cent drop in physical events at Singapore Expo and MAX Atria.

MAX Atria at Singapore EXPO

Parts of the venue and its grounds have been remodelled to feature a track operated by KF1 Karting, which also runs a circuit at the Singapore Turf Club, a Timbre+ food village located in a section of the car park and badminton courts set up at Expo Hall 6.

“Singapore Expo and MAX Atria are preparing a range of hybrid services to help organisers of mid-to large-scale events restart and rebuild their events,” Aloysius Arlando, Constellar’s chief executive for venues, told The Straits Times.

“In the meantime, we continue to look for ways to keep the centre running and our communities engaged in a safe and experiential way.”

Constellar shed 12 per cent of its workforce in July due to the impact of Covid on business events, while management took pay cuts of up to 30 per cent.

Before the go-kart track is made available for corporate hire or public use, operators KF1 says they are installing sound barriers following a petition from residents of a nearby estate.

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