China auto shows continue to rev

Pico announces opening of Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre in China’s Fujian province. Quanzhou International Automobile Exhibition is first business event at the new venue

AUTO exhibitions are continuing to accelerate the post-Covid recovery of China’s business events industry with the success of a car show at a new venue.

The recently opened Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre (JJCEC) held its first event in the form of the 27th Quanzhou International Automobile Exhibition, from June 25-28, in Fujian province.

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More than 4,000 vehicle sales were recorded over the four days with more than 70 mainstream car marques exhibiting and over 24,000 people visiting, according to organisers. Some 30,000 sqm of the 40,000 sqm exhibition space was used for the auto show.

JJEC covers a total site area of 120,000 sqm and has four exhibition halls.

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The international auto exhibition was not only the first event at the new venue, but also the first trade exhibition in Quanzhou city since the Covid-19 outbreak. It follows the Hunan auto show, the first big event since lockdown measures were eased in China and, as a live event, bucks the trend of virtual exhibitions hosted by Alibaba and the recent Canton Fair.

JJCEC is managed and operated by Hong Kong-headquartered Pico Far East Holdings, which put in place stringent anti-Covid controls and hygiene measures at the venue.

A spokesman for Pico says the venue is “well placed to grow as a prominent convention and exhibition destination for iconic local, regional and international exhibitions and events”.

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