London City Island Launch

The objective of this event was to launch a new property development in London, a joint development between Eco World International of Malaysia & Ballymore Group of London. The challenge was that the property was situated in London but this launch event took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and hence Jiggee Events had to create ‘London in KL’. This event needed to be done as the project was breaking ground soon and as all property developers go, they always hold a sale of the units prior to ground breaking.

The client’s core objectives was to create an classy experiential lifestyle launch event that evoked a feeling of being in London so that potential buyers could buy into the lifestyle and ambience of owning a property there.

The primary research conducted was on the feasible aesthetics of bringing London to KL, with the theme being “KEEP CALM”, albeit bearing in mind all we had was a small event hall at the Le Meridien KL to work with. We conducted our research on how best to infuse elements of the iconic London elements from both a structural and cultural standpoint. 

The event was a resounding success, as the client was able to sell 10 properties that day alone, and considering it was Malaysian buyers paying between £4-6 million per unit, this was no mean feat.

Guests said they felt like they were attending a show, as the setup and launch gambit plus flow was so spectacular that they didn’t feel like it was a mere launch event (British guests to be exact).

The client set out to create a sense of being in London and we rightfully achieved that with the décor, the entertainment and the gambit.

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