Rabobank’s amazing Taipei race

Taiwan-based DMC In Motion Asia organised a teambuilding day in Taipei for the Hong Kong arm of Rabobank, which was celebrating the Dutch bank’s 25th anniversary in Hong Kong. An ‘amazing race’ styled day of challenges saw delegates starting at the Dianshuilou restaurant near Taipei Main Station with participants travelling on the MRT system to Taipei’s Xinyi District in teams of eight.

Once in Xinyi, teams had to navigate across 21 different checkpoints and complete a range of activities requiring teamwork, communication and creativity. Racing the clock to finish, teams were required to make their way to the Sherwood Hotel at the end of the day, where race packs were collected.

The evening programme was held in the Taipei district of Bali on the banks of the Tamshui River Waterfront Restaurant. Offering a central outdoor area for cocktails and overlooking the river, guests were presented the results of the day’s excursions with prizes awarded to the team with the most points.

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