Greentech Festival races to Singapore

FORMULA 1 star-turned-entrepreneur Nico Rosberg is racing back to Singapore to launch a new business event aimed at innovative green technologies. 

Following the resounding success of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL (GTF) in Berlin in  June 2022, the event opens an Asia edition next week at  Gardens by the Bay.

GREENTECH FESTIVAL, a global platform that aims to foster innovative green technologies for a sustainable future, saw a record-breaking number of more than 200 exhibitors and over 13,000 visitors in Berlin. 

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For its first Singapore edition, GTF will host a smaller spin-off event which preserves some essential elements of the festival: the Green Awards, the GTF Conference and the GTF Exhibition showcasing some of the latest sustainable innovations.

Rosberg, who co-founded GTF, said: “I am very excited for GREENTECH FESTIVAL’s move to Singapore. The country is one of the most memorable race destinations in my F1 career, where I won the inaugural Singapore night race. Now it’s time for us to support Singapore and help to catalyse change for this metropolis in Asia. The GREENTECH FESTIVAL is fully committed to showing the best sustainability innovations and technologies, as well as bringing some of our partners like Audi, Lufthansa and Siemens to Singapore.”

Fellow co-founder Marco Voig said Singapore has proven to be the best destination for Green Technologies and Sustainable businesses ideas in Asia. 

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Singapore’s initiatives include concrete whole-of-nation sustainability targets under the Singapore Green Plan 2030; world-class water treatment NEWater technologies; and iconic and sustainable projects including Gardens by the Bay, which employs energy efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption.

“Our Singapore edition will city planning and green building technologies – areas in which Singapore is already paving the way for Asia through Initiatives like the Green Mark scheme for buildings,” said Voigt.

“The GTF team is fully committed to bringing the show to Singapore and establishing an equally important show in Asia. GTF shows a long-term commitment in each region of the world. Together with our editions in Berlin, New York City and London, we feel Singapore is a very important addition to mark on the map for GTF,” said Voigt.

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Judith Kuehn, GTF chief executive, said: “We are very happy to bring GTF to Singapore, in a move that will enable us to learn more about how we can support Singapore and the region on their sustainability journey. Singapore, with its 2030 Green Plan targets, is a regional leader in Sustainability practices, and is therefore our ideal country partner to drive greater positive change in Asia.”

Poh Chi Chuan, Executive Director, Exhibitions & Conferences, Singapore Tourism Board, said: “GTF’s decision to host the inaugural Asian edition of the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in Singapore demonstrates their confidence in Singapore as a choice place to meet and accelerate global change for a more sustainable future.

“The festival is also timely and aligned with Singapore’s own sustainability goals. We look forward to hosting many productive discussions to bring the potential of green technologies to fruition.”

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