Vok Dams rolls out CO2 calculator

LIVE-MARKETING agency Vok Dams has launched AI DestinationFinder – its version of a carbon-emission calculator to help mange cots and reduce the environmental toll of events travel. 

By analysing travel times, costs, and CO2 emissions, the AI DestinationFinder provides event decision-makers with valuable insights and recommendations for planning more sustainable events and live-marketing activities. 

From selecting the optimal event venue, to planning more sustainable travel routes, the application offers solutions to make events and live marketing more efficient and socially responsible.

The AI DestinationFinder is a tool based on real-time data and analyses millions of data points to quickly deliver results for the best decisions to be made. The result is a detailed evaluation that compares various destinations and provides clear recommendations to meet the needs of participants and organisers.

AI DestinationFinder’s 3 Factors:

CO2 Emissions
The travel processes and accommodations of participants account for up to 85 percent of the carbon emissions of an event. Against the backdrop of increasing sustainability goals, the choice of event location can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint.

In this context, the AI DestinationFinder can make a meaningful contribution to promoting more sustainable event practices. By analysing detailed data on travel times, costs, and CO2 emissions, it helps select locations that are not only logistically convenient but also have a lower environmental impact.

By considering factors such as accessibility by public transportation or the use of eco-friendly travel routes, the AI DestinationFinder can help reduce the carbon footprint of events. This is not only important for achieving environmental goals but also contributes to strengthening participants’ awareness of sustainable actions and enhancing the image of organisers.

Travel Time
Sustainable corporate management means not only ecological responsibility but also keeping the well-being of employees in mind. An important aspect of this is conserving resources during business travel.

The way employees travel to events can have a significant impact on their productivity and well-being. By planning business trips strategically, companies not only reduce environmental impact but also make more efficient use of employees’ time and save on costs.

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Travel times, route optimisation, and the use of sustainable transportation are crucial factors in conserving resources and increasing productivity.

Travel Costs
The general costs of flights, train tickets, and hotel accommodations are crucial factors in event budgeting. The AI DestinationFinder takes these into account and enables organisers to realise potential savings of up to 30 percent.

By conducting a comprehensive analysis of travel costs for participants as well as expenses for accommodations and transportation, the AI DestinationFinder can identify savings opportunities and suggest efficient routes and options. This allows companies to keep costs as low as possible, contributing to the economic sustainability of the event.

“At Vok Dams, we firmly believe that sustainability and success can go hand in hand,” said Claudia Köhler-Dams, corporate vice president at Vok Dams. “The Vok Dams AI DestinationFinder is evidence that innovative technology can help minimise the environmental impact of events and live marketing while reducing costs.”

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