Vok Dams enters the metaverse

LIVE-MARKETING and brand experience agency Vok Dams is expanding its consultancy expertise to meet the growing interest in the latest development in the World Wide Web – the metaverse.

Germany-headquartered Vok Dams, whose international presence includes offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, has joined forces with Roover Metaverse Consulting to position clients in the metaverse wo they can benefit from Web3.0 developments.

The cooperation is aimed at strengthening Vok Dams’ strategic development and ability to advise clients “on all things Metaverse” from initial creative concepts to strategy and implementation.

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The metaverse offers strong marketing potential through virtual reality formats. A new economy is being created along with different environments for work, socialising, digital currencies and live events.

“To give clients the opportunity to successfully utilise all this potential, the experts for events and live marketing from Vok Dams together with Roover offer workshops on important technological fundamentals such as NFTs, metaverse and blockchain,” an agency spokesman said

“The consulting also covers the development of innovative business models, access to the possibilities and opportunities of live marketing in the metaverse and a tailor-made strategy for market entry in the metaverse.”

Among the new services already being organised are workshops for on how clients enter and make the most of the metaverse.

Main image: Oliver Breucker (left) and Robin Reuschel of Roover Metaverse Consulting 

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