Bangkok food pledge bound for Abu Dhabi

ICCA’s Bangkok Pledge on Gastronomy Sustainability inspired by how TCEB-hosted event implemented food-waste management and sustainable sourcing. Practice will be benchmark at association’s future events

THAILAND is looking forward to the ICCA Congress 2023 Bangkok’s pledge on F&B sustainability being launched at the association’s next global conference in the United Arab Emirates.

As host of the ICCA Congress Bangkok, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau cooperated with the International Convention and Congress Association to implement sustainable food sourcing and waste management during the event in November.

These efforts formed the basis for the “Bangkok Pledge on Gastronomy Sustainability” to be launched at ICCA Congress 2024 in Abu Dhabi.

The event at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre also resulted in the reduction of 505 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent through all domestic activities at the conference. 

The impacts are achieved against the record-breaking performance of ICCA Congress 2023, which attracted 1,123 delegates from 80 countries, making it the largest congress ever held in the Asia Pacific region and the third largest globally.

“TCEB is honoured to share an ambitious goal with ICCA in the area of sustainability and we can deliver it in practical and measurable term as demonstrated by our food sourcing and food waste management,” said Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, president of TCEB. 

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“TCEB and Thailand ICCA members are delighted that the shared goal and practice became a cooperative model with ICCA in the development of Bangkok Pledge on Gastronomy Sustainability. We look forward to ICCA’s launch of the remarkable pledge in its 2024 congress.”

The Bangkok Pledge on Gastronomy Sustainability is considered a legacy of ICCA Congress 2023 in Bangkok, showing Thailand’s commitment to measurable sustainability as a business events strategy, and providing a model for how food sustainability is practised at future ICCA events.

Main picture: TCEB president Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya addresses the ICCA 2023 Congress in Bangkok

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