New Zealand data guy Erwin keys in ICCA honour

TE PAE Christchurch Convention Centre’s person who gathers hot leads from across the world for the venue to host conferences has been selected by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) as its Researcher of the Year.

Erwin Matheeuwsen, research coordinator at Te Pae Christchurch, was also credited by ICCA for contributing “excellent meetings information” to the association’s database.

Te Pae Christchurch

He will receive a certificate from ICCA together with 500 euros to be spent on any ICCA product. Erwin plans to use the award money attend the ICCA Skills Course being hosted in Christchurch, New Zealand September 10-12.

Te Pae Christchurch director of business development, Gillian Officer, said: “He works incredibly hard to source lead-opportunities for Te Pae Christchurch; is well connected within the ICCA community and has made a significant impact in a short space of time.

“We’re off to an amazing start here at Te Pae Christchurch, achieving results in our first 18 months of operation that we were not expecting to achieve until year 10, and Erwin’s abilities as a researcher to generate quality leads for our team has been invaluable to this result,” Officer said.

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The ICCA judges said: “We appreciate Erwin’s cooperation to help contribute excellent meetings information to the ICCA database. We are confident he will be an inspiration for other members who are not yet using the database and its update functionality to their fullest potential.”

Erwin said the ICCA Business Intelligence system was an efficient tool for finding relevant international association conferences with the potential to be hosted in New Zealand. “The more organisations in our industry who contribute their meeting information to ICCA Business Intelligence, the more beneficial this data is for everyone, leading to better hosting opportunities for all,” he said.

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