Going global and local at AIME

Among the speakers at AIME 2024’s Knowledge Program is Lisa Ronson who will share the best strategies on how planners should blend local with global marketing strategies to create better business events

BRAND-BUILDING expert Lisa Ronson will speak at AIME 2024’s Knowledge Program on how business event operators can make the most of a new trend in marketing  – globalisation combined with localisation.  

Ronson, a 25-year marketing veteran who has worked with some of Australia’s leading brands, will explain how planners can use modern marketing tools and insights to best serve their clients,

With support from Saxton Speakers Bureau, Ronson will be among a roster of experts presenting under the theme of “glocalisation” that adapts to “local nuances and cultural differences”.

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“Given the amount of data and insights we now have across digital channels it’s much easier today to break down the insights and have empathy between the two parties and teams,” Ronson said.

“Having empathy between the global and local teams ensures greater understanding and is critical to ensuring those global insights or trends are interpreted in the right way for local audiences.”

She believes the integration of digital marketing is crucial, especially in selecting the channel and information being delivered to the target audience.

This is another big trend – personalisation. Information needs to be tailored to the specific needs of a business events audience, and then lean into their preferences. Ask what’s going to make them successful more broadly? And then solve that problem.

“Being representative of your target audience is really critical, to ensure you’re not just representing one cohort, but including different cultures, countries, languages, that sort of thing. It’s true for every sector today, but heightened with business events because of the global nature of the work.”

Her talk at AIME 2024 will also cover how good leadership creates better performing teams.

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“I think to be a good leader and to create more high-performing cultures that drive growth and have much more satisfied employees comes down to the basics of communication and really focusing on them – things like really listening, not just to respond, but to understand,” Ronson said.

To hear Ronson’s keynote presentation and other speakers, a ticket to AIME’s Knowledge Program is required. The event can attended by hosted buyers, exhibitors and visitor buyers who upgrade their ticket. 

AIME 2024 takes place February 19-24 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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