War For Talent

Today's global meetings industry is flourishing and the strong Asian economy holds immense potential and opportunities for the meetings industry in this region.  With the tightening of the labour market here, the war for talent is evident as we see escalating demand across Asia-Pacific for professionals with the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional meetings and events.     

There is a critical need to upgrade our existing talent pool and create a new generation of talent. Increasingly, employers and clients are recognising the importance of certification to distinguish professionals with high levels of knowledge, experience and skills. There is thus an urgency to train and certify our meetings and events professionals so that they can be on a par, in terms of skills and credentials, with their Western counterparts. 

The challenge for the industry is to elevate professionals with good operational skills and expertise to the next level by developing their strategic decision-making abilities so that they can assume managerial positions and drive events of outstanding quality. This group of strategic leaders would then be in an excellent position to mentor and inspire our new generation of talent and hone their operational skills. The Certification in Meeting Management programme by MPI focuses on strategic initiatives and executive decision-making, and helps the candidate to develop strategic thinking skills and leadership abilities. 

MPI is organising the inaugural Asian Meetings and Events Conference from October 24 to 25 this year in Singapore. This will cover topics such as the “State and Future of the MICE Industry in Asia”, “Developing the Workforce for Tomorrow”, “Trends and Developments in Corporate Meetings, and so on.  Hope to see you there.


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