Thailand’s Goals for Growth

In Thailand, the business of organising international meetings, incentives, and exhibitions, generates revenue to the country of US$1.43 billion.

The industry is now growing at about 20 per cent annually.

Thailand offers a world-class destination, as well as the unique strong point of “Thainess”, which consists of the destination, people’s hospitality and service mindset.

Our strategic location at the crossroads of Asia has contributed to our continued success in winning major bids for prestigious world-class congresses, resulting in the double-digit growth achieved by the Thai industry in the past eight years.

Destination diversity, one of Thailand’s key strengths, accounts for the desire of event organisers to return to Thailand time and again. Our country’s reputation as a vibrant destination well served by a sophisticated service infrastructure, world-class venues and meeting facilities, internationally recognised award-winning hotels and resorts is also well established.

The Kingdom has no shortage of products, services and facilities perfectly suited to the needs of PCOs, meeting planners and trade-show organisers.

Whether as a stand-alone destination or in combination with its colourful neighbours, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and China’s Yunnan province, Thailand’s fame as a meeting and incentives destination is legendary.

Regarding the political uncertainty in Thailand, we can say that the incident is now past and has had only minor and short-term effects on tourism and the economy of the country.  It has had no effect on the political stability or international confidence.

Our task at TCEB is to continue to provide the very best information to the public.

Furthermore, private tourism organisations and other stakeholders work closely to compile information and distribute it worldwide to boost confidence among foreign tourists planning to visit Thailand.

Thais are confident that our country will remain a peaceful place to live with attractive destinations for business travellers and tourists who visit Thailand as the destination of choice for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region.

The medium goals with our vision are set out to establish Thailand as the premier ASEAN MICE hub in 2010. The Kingdom is already on target with its growing popularity as a MICE destination with world-class meetings and conference facilities and a wide range of exotic incentive destinations. Add to these elements industrial growth, a strong domestic demand for the world’s latest cutting-edge technology and the support of a specialist bureau for conventions and exhibitions, and the goal is clearly attainable


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