Steps to finding the right venue

The choice of venue always depends on the objectives and requirements of the client. So, as a professional DMC, the first and most important step for us is to establish meticulously what the client’s objectives are for the event and then work out what options are available.

To fully understand the client’s needs, you have to listen carefully and with empathy. Sometimes, at first glance, some requirements may sound weird, but it is not a good idea to ignore them.

Some clients emphasise that the surrounding areas have to be far from any construction sites or abandoned projects, as these are eyesores and a good environment is very important for their corporate image.

When participants fly in from several destinations, the client may specify that the meeting venue must be within 20 minutes’ drive from the airport. We also need to look into safety and security at the venue; for a highly confidential meeting, security is particularly important.

Be a venue specialist. Know the capacity and the recognition of the proposed venues and advise the client on the pros and cons of each one. Which venue can cater for a large number of delegates with more than 15 breakout rooms? Which venue offers state-of-the-art meeting facilities? Which venue offers quality of service with added value? Make sure the facilities are also adequate.

Be meticulous and detail minded. You have to ensure the delegates’ comfort. It is important for them to have a good night’s rest and be fresh the next day. Consider what kind of bedding, pillows and guestroom ambience will offer an extraordinary sleeping experience. 

As a DMC, always assist the client to their best interest. The client will always choose a venue which offers quality service, good food, added value and flexibility. Next on the list is to be eco-friendly. If you are not sure, always ask questions and be sincere and upfront when proposing and advising the client on the constraints and solutions. This will assist the client in choosing the right venue with peace of mind.


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