Lead by listening

Strong leadership is vital to the success of motivational meetings. A recent Gallup survey in the US that found 50 per cent of employees lacked engagement and 25 per cent were actively disengaged.

Much of the cause was attributed to poor leadership and lack of rewards and recognition for good work.

I have talked to many Fortune 500 C-suite executives who admitted to tolerating poor performers just because it was easier to maintain the status quo.

Successful motivation requires a good leader who leads by example, acts decisively and is genuinely interested in his or her people.

It is also critical to recognise that people are different and need to be treated as individuals. What motivates one person makes another switch off. Most companies are great at segmenting their customers or clients but poor at doing the same with their employees.

Leaders and managers must better understand the diversity in their organisations, and to do that they need to improve their communication and feedback process – spend more time listening.

This is an extract from our Spotlight feature on motivation in the Oct-Nov issue of MIX. You can read more of the feature here

Chris Durkin is the CEO of Q3global – The Meeting Architects

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