Knowing the Right Target

Emerging Destinations have a lot to hurdle before catching the attention of meeting planners and event organisers.

The Philippines is blessed with an abundance of natural attractions such as immaculate white sand beaches, blue-green waters and a tropical climate that will give your skin a glorious tan all year-round.  Moreover, it is an English-speaking country where hospitality is innate and people genuinely welcome you when you set foot in the destination. Name it and it boasts all the ingredients to create a perfect setting for any event.

Still, it is always a great challenge to secure an event,  develop the concept, plan the programme and effectively implement it.

In the Philippines, we use a three-pronged approach to manage successful events, which may work in other emerging Asian destinations as well:

• Create an extraordinary experience

When developing an event, be sure to include that “wow factor” which will leave a lasting impression on the guests. Go beyond the usual; go for the unusual that will excite and provoke. 

The objective is for participants to return home feeling great and remembering experiences that they can’t wait to talk about with their friends and families – something they will remember for life. Let that experience be your strongest advertising campaign.

• Leadership is key

In organising meetings and incentive programmes for corporate groups, it is important to deal with the right handler who can effectively take the lead in coordinating and implementing the required tasks.  Having a strong network in both private and government sectors is vital.

• Utilise digital media

With everyone glued to their computers and mobile phones, make use of various digital media platforms and conduct initiatives such as an email blast, developing of a website with activation component, cross marketing promotions with related sites, advertising placements in key websites that will capture your market group and designing a customised campaign using mobile media as a communication channel.

These suggestions are not rocket science, but tried-and-tested methods that help destinations achieve their goals of winning the nod of event planners.


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