How bungee bonds groups

Bungee sites across the world have offered teambuilding for decades – I’ve seen groups taking part in a range of high-octane activities across Asia and Europe. AJ Hackett jumped onto corporate teambuilding almost as soon as it got started, because the bonding experience of an adrenaline high is second to none.

As a team, you’re already reasonably close. But sharing an experience like this will make you even closer. Doing a bungee or skywalk is better in a team than alone, because it’s difficult for an individual to share how they’re feeling with someone if they're not pumped full of adrenaline like they are. With groups, the experience is exceptional because they can share that incredible rush, overcoming any fears together while rooting each other on… and they won’t stop talking about for hours after! 

We usually have three or four groups a week, because teambuilding is huge here. Of course, Macau is about gaming in many ways, but you’re not going to take a team to Macau just to go gambling. AJ Hackett at Macau Tower offers four out of its five activities for groups, which include Bungee, Skywalk and Sky jump and the Wall Climb, and we can accommodate for groups in their hundreds as they alternate between activities. 

In this job, I see people at their very worst and at their very best. A lot of people show up and we tell them that we’re going outside, and they get anxious. But it’s all about working with them, confronting their fears and giving them the peace of mind that we wouldn’t do this every day if it weren’t 100 % safe. 

Some corporations will tell their groups what they’ll be doing when they come to the tower, others don’t – and those are really fun because you see the transition from fear to elation, from the moment they arrive on the 61st floor, to when they’re harnessed out in the open air. If I could, I would recommend that organisers keep the activity a secret for as long as possible, because the groups will be less likely to have any negative preconceptions. All we want to do is make their time as fun and exciting as possible, and offer an experience they won’t forget. 

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