Creating Extraordinary Experiences

Beyond ordinary is passé. It’s now the age of Beyond Extraordinary.

Not only do incentive travel specialists have to deliver a well-organised and cost-effective package, but they must also create an entertaining few days that participants will remember vividly. 
Whether this means exploring the ocean depths in the Bahamas or breaking the Earth’s boundaries to go hurtling into space, we, in this fast-moving business, are constantly on the hunt for activities with that “x-factor”.

Travel patterns have never been stagnant and are always evolving. With globalisation being the mantra of more and more companies, business travel has become a fact of life and executives become more discerning in their choices, especially when it concerns their incentive rewards.

Today, companies want their guests to be an integral part of any experience. Satisfying the desire for thrills and spills is what has been keeping event planners and other players in the industry from complacency. Consider Dubai, a classic case of a city with scarce natural resources that is in regular reinvention mode. Adding unusual attractions such as a ski dome in one of the hottest places on Earth has become an important measure in attracting visitors.

To achieve or surpass customers’ expectations, we start right from the time we meet the client to choose a destination and plan the itinerary. We organise an entire event, from the “Save the Date” notices to the thank-you notes, from home or hotel pick-ups to all the creative activities, making clear the level of brainstorming behind every stage of the itinerary.

Incentive travel is about to witness a new chapter, with space travel by Virgin Galactica soon to blast off and a new technology from Spain called the Bloon – Space Balloon. Truly, the world is about to witness the “Experience Beyond Extraordinary”. 


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