MIX: championing the industry in tough times

Our print edition has been suspended due to an unprecedented global situation, but MIX will still be with you

AVID readers of the print edition of MIX are in for a little disappointment this month. Like other MICE media across the world, we have not escaped the harsh economic fallout resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

So we have arrived at the tough decision to suspend the April-May print edition of MIX, and this situation for your bimonthly magazine is likely to continue until there is a turnaround and we review what’s happening. It’s a moment I am sure we all agree could not come soon enough.

The good news is that the MIX brand will continue to champion the MICE industry and the people who produce creative business events, conferences, incentive travel programmes and more.

Our fortnightly e-newsletter now goes out on a twice-weekly basis. This is not done merely as a substitute for the print edition, but in a small way to galvanise those involved with the industry and to support and recognise efforts to continue business, whether that be via webinars, sharing ideas and updates, or acts of solidarity as we hope for this crisis to pass.

I have been in the MIX editor’s chair for five years and happily many of you have seen me away from that seat and out and about at trade shows, events, conferences and viewing the fantastic destinations and venues that make our industry so fascinating.

So like countless other media outlets, MIX as a magazine is now digitally led, but what won’t change is our commitment to MICE industry, especially at these most critical of times.

Thank you, stay safe and – with apologies to Vera Lynn – We’ll Meet Again. The story, or the song, won’t end here… watch this space as MIX digital continues.

Martin Donovan
Editor, MIX            

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